The luckiest Arab on Earth: the drowned Syrian boy


This drowned Syrian boy is so lucky as he’s in heaven now! He won’t live our Arabian miserable life or study in our outdated backward educational system! He won’t queue in line (if there is one) to issue his identity to prove he’s an Arab citizen when a police officer stops him for minutes which might turn into hours if this police officer is in a bad mood.

This drowned Syrian boy is so lucky as he won’t memorize or recognize the names and biographies of the Arab Rulers or the Arab countries’ flags and geographies. He won’t praise any Arab Ruler and their regimes or sing our national anthems.

This drowned Syria boy is so lucky as he escaped all these miserable experiences that we live every day as Arabs. At least he had the courage to leave his country and didn’t die under any of the Arab Regimes.

May his soul rests in peace