Recession & immigration

The need of immigrating outside the Arab World has many causes; one of which is the recession.

When a recession hits an economy, it consequently hits your ambitions to stay in such economy as you will witness its weakness. You will experience the lack of opportunities to find a new job in home or neighboring markets.

When you cannot move forward in your life and cannot increase your income to meet your commitments, you will automatically think of a way out of this situation as it does not serve you.

Eventually, the card of immigration is the best exit outside these unstable economies.



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Tariq Al-Basha
BA (Hons) Business Management, Uni. of Greenwich, London – UK
International Foundation Diploma, Uni. of Greenwich, London – UK

We shouldn’t run away: the case of Islam Yaken


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(Amman – Jordan) Going through my Twitter account, I found a very interesting article titled “From a Private School in Cairo to ISIS Killing Fields in Syria” with a video of a young Egyptian guy who was extremely frustrated from the political and economic failure of Egypt. Such a deep frustration led this guy to leave his home and fight with ISIL in Syria.

I suggest that you watch the video or read the article in order to form your own view about this case. However, I must state that the main reason why this guy left Egypt to war-torn Syria is because there is no hope remained under the brutality of “Yes Sir” dictatorships.

These dictatorships are the main cause of the success of the extremist groups for attracting and recruiting young disappointed yet deeply frustrated men around the Middle East.

When I watched the video of Islam Yaken, I just imagined myself or others who are frustrated and broken-hearted of the Arab Spring’s failure.

I just have one thing in my mind at this moment, how long can we run away from the fact that there is something wrong in the Arab political system?

We can’t turn our face to the other side not seeing the main cause of this identity crisis. We need to have the determination to change this crony-capitalism into a system that has a room for everyone to produce and have a say in the political system.


The process of joining extremist groups

Tariq Al-Basha
BA (Hons) Business Management, Uni. of Greenwich, London – UK
International Foundation Diploma, Uni. of Greenwich, London – UK

Beautyfull Memories!‏

The human nature is very controversial due to the fact that many people would quickly forget the good things that someone has done to them as they take these things for granted.

In the same time, they remember in details the bad things that a person has caused to them. Any person would forget what he studied during his school’s years, the names of his classmates and teachers, what he used to buy in the recess, how he was dying to leave the school and become totally independent, what were his ambitions in life back then, the obsession of having a girlfriend, the way he used to see the world, how he spent hours to fix his hair before going to school, how he was trying to hide himself when his teacher asked a question that he did not know its answer, when he farted and his desk suddenly moved and made a fart noise saving his face, when his nose was full of mucus and he did not have tissues, when he did not study for his exam or did not do his homework and made a creative excuse to do it in another time, how he used to convince his parents to stay out late by creating creative excuses, when he was trying to hide his low grades from his parents, the feelings he had when he fall in love for the first time as he felt flying not walking, everything seemed colorful and bright, and his first love was like a magnet as he could not even take his eyes off her, or/and how he used to dance funnily in the parties.

These beautiful memories contributed in creating us and making us who we are right now, not the miserable ones shared with horrible people with psychological complexes whom their happiness depended on making other people looking bad, weak or fool.
However, they should be thanked because they showed us the weak points in our personalities and appearance. These horrible people kept reminding us that we are ugly, fat, stupid or other horrible things.
Two of these horrible people were two of my English teachers who kept telling me that “I will never learn the English language” as I hardly passed the English course every single year. It happened that these two teachers were relatives and taught me English for six academic years in the school.
Ironically, I was one of the few who studied his bachelor’s degree abroad in the West and I was awarded first class honours (almost “4.00” converting it to the US GPA) from a university in England where the English language was first created. I am sure it is extremely hard for the both of them believing that I speak, write and read in English. However, success is the best revenge.
It is good to remember where you were and where you are right now.